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Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminum Decking

Is Craft-Bilt’s Deck really waterproof?

Yes. Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Deck Boards are designed to not allow water to pass through them. The boards join with a pressure-locked seal, and they have a continuous gutter in the unlikely event water manages to get past the seal. If this gutter is clogged with ice while meltwater remains on the top of the deck, there could be some dripping underneath until the ice clog is removed. This is why we do not recommend our decking as the sole roof over a living space. However this is a rare occurrence, and as long as the deck is installed correctly and with proper flashing, the area underneath the deck should remain dry.

Is the aluminum deck easy to install?

Yes, for the typical DIY homeowner, our decks are easy to install. You will have to cut the boards to the correct length with carbide tip blades for non-ferrous metal, drill holes, and then screw the boards to the joists. We provide easy to follow instructions, and you can always hire a contractor or handyperson to complete the installation if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Doesn’t the aluminum deck get hot in the summer?

Any deck material will be warmer in direct sunlight, but aluminum remains cooler to the touch than wood, trex, and composite decking. On a summer day, we used a thermal gun to test different decking materials, and aluminum was the coolest. You can watch our test here.

Is the deck really maintenance-free?

Yes, Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Decks are maintenance-free! The aluminum deck boards will not warp, twist, or fade, so they won’t need to be repaired or replaced. They have hidden fasteners, so nails or screws will not pop, and the durable powder-coated finish is baked on, so it won’t need to be repainted. With a maintenance-free deck, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy it!

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