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Commercial Awnings, Canopies, and Solar Shades


Awnings, Canopies, and Solar Shades for your business not only add cool, comfortable shade, but they also increase customer capacity, add privacy, help utilize space more effectively, and reduce solar heat gain. Our exterior shading solutions pay for themselves in energy savings year over year.

Retractable Awnings & Canopies for your business

Commercial awnings and canopies are a beautiful way to add shade to your venue’s pool, entryway, outdoor seating area, rooftop deck, or anywhere clients would benefit from shade. They attract attention by helping your business stand out from others, and increase customer capacity by utilizing outdoor space more effectively. Both awnings and canopies attach to an exterior wall, or canopies can be freestanding and supported with legs. Canopies can also be installed with or without decorative pergola rafters, or the fabric can be installed underneath an existing pergola.

Commercial Solar Shades

Block sun glare, add privacy, and lower utility costs with Craft-Bilt’s Commercial Exterior Solar Shades. They help high rise office buildings, car dealerships, store fronts, restaurants, gyms, dance studios or any other businesses with large windows save money on energy costs. They block the sun from heating up the interior of the building, which lessens the load on air conditioning units. They also add privacy by blocking the view into a building, but patrons inside will still be able to see out and enjoy the view.
With our Solar Shade Model 2, you can create a zippered enclosure for your outdoor space and transform it from an open patio to a screen room with the push of a button. Another type of solar shade, the horizontal shade, also adds privacy and reduces sun glare, but operates horizontally instead of vertically. Simply pull the shade sideways to obstruct views, create a private area, or reduce sun glare.
Benefits of commercial awnings, shades, and canopies

  • hundreds of beautiful fabric options to choose from in our exclusive Craft-Bilt fabric collection
  • professional installation
  • custom manufacturing in Craft-Bilt’s state of the art facility in suburban Philadelphia
  • maintenance-free products – the aluminum baked on enamel and powder coated finish requires no painting or lubrication of frames throughout the lifetime of the unit. Fabric is also exclusively sewn with one of the most chemically resistant substances known and guaranteed against rot and mildew.
  • One of the strongest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry

Architectural Specifications

View our photo gallery to see how Craft-Bilt Awnings, Shades, and Canopies have been installed on different businesses and commercial venues throughout the United States and Canada.

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