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Caring for your Aluminum Deck

Although our aluminum decks are maintenance-free, regular cleaning will help keep your deck looking new for years. For routine cleaning, a mild detergent and water is all you need. You can use a sponge or brush to apply it to the decking surface. When the inevitable spill happens, it should be cleaned up right away, but there is no need to panic if you didn’t notice it until a few days later. The aluminum deck boards have been tested against common spills, such as ketchup, mustard, and beer with no damage to the boards after exposure for a couple weeks.
Many deck owners choose to power wash their deck, but we do not recommend it for our aluminum decks. This is because there are many different models of power washers available, and some may have pressure not suitable for our decking. It’s best to stick with a brush and mild cleaning solution. Also, don’t forget to brush off debris and meltwater before it refreezes again.
If you have the need to shovel snow off your deck, make sure to use a plastic shovel. A metal one could scratch the decking surface. You’ll also want to be cautious with the furniture you choose for your deck. Certain types of furniture, like wrought-iron, could also scratch the decking surface, especially if it is dragged across the deck. Any items paced on your deck, such as the grill, umbrellas, furniture, and even kids’ toys should be checked to make sure they will not scratch the finish. Protective pads can be used for the bottom of furniture.
By following the above tips, your deck will continue looking great for years. All you need for a beautiful long-lasting deck is soap and water. It’s one of the many benefits of choosing maintenance-free aluminum!

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