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Craft-Bilt’s Waterproof Aluminum Decks

If you need to replace your worn deck or are looking to add a new deck to your home or business, consider Craft-Bilt’s Waterproof Aluminum Decks. They add beauty and luxury and will outlast wood, vinyl, and composite decking. Our aluminum decks are manufactured with extruded aluminum, so the deck boards will not fade, twist, rot, or warp like other decking systems.
Craft-Bilt’s Waterproof Aluminum Decks also feature non-skid technology, so they will not be as slippery as wood or composite decks. This makes them safer for use by the pool or bodies of water, or even after a rain storm. Along with being non-skid, they are also non-combustible, making them ideal for grilling.
Another advantage of our aluminum decks is that they remain cool to the touch, even in the hot summer sun. When other decking products will burn your feet, aluminum will be cooler. You can see the different decking temperatures in our test performed on an 86 degree day here.
With these advantages, aluminum decks will outperform wood, trex, vinyl, or composite decking, and they will last much longer. Contact us to add the last deck you’ll own to your home or business.

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